Royal Fishing


Royal Fishing is a classical fishing game, with tons of free golds and cool 3D effect,  this game also has a special attack mode. When the player has accumulated a certain number of shots, they can summon the Dragon’s Roar and cause a large-scale attack, so that you can win the grand prize at one time. Come and try it out.


Royal Fishing has a variety of fish species for players to choose, you can also attack the ocean king for higher chance of crush streaks.


Summon dragon wrath

(Limiter Regal Hall & Qian Long Hall)

1. When the player shoots, he will accumulate wrath value.

After the value is full, click the button to summon the Dragon Wrath, causing a large-range meteorite attack in the center of the screen.

2. The wrath value bar will be converted based on the proportion of the bet, the released skill is based on the current bet, the accumulated wrath value is emptied out after the release has ended.

3. 3 minutes after the player leaves the game or disconnects from the game, the anger will be cleared.

ChainLong King Wheel

When the player captures the ChainLong King, it will trigger the wheel. The player can select the pointer to stop the time. Multiply the number of the outer circle and the inner circle to see the multiplier rate. The maximum is 350 times.

Awaken Boss – Ice Phoenix

Basic multiplier is 30

Power Up attack X6 – X10

reward up to 300 times!

After kill types of Boss, it causes Awakening Attack, and have a chance to receive a big win.



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