Monkey King Fishing


Follow Monkey King to defeat enemies and get luxurious prizes! This fish shooting game is very interesting. In addition to the common fish, it also adds the two roles of Monkey King and Sea Dragon King. Players can also accumulate the number of shots. The more you hit, the higher the reward!



1.Immediately after capture, player get 40 free bullets.

2.When a fish :15x 1· the chance of capture may increase.

3.When a fish: 15x! (including) · will have a chance to get 2x to 5x multiplier randomly.

4.When using free bullets, and free bullets are being captured

player will get 25x.


The free bullet prize is the amount received by killing the turrets.

When in use, the turret amount cannot be changed, and will not be saved after exit. If the game disconnected and you have any Free Bullet remains, each bullet will multiply your bet by 4x.

E-ball bomb

1.After capturing the E-Ball(10x). Player gains the score of the fish that the E-Ball has captured.

2.Randomly shocks the fish on the screen.

Monkey King

When the Monkey King appears on the screen, all players can work together to get the Monkey King reward. Players have the opportunity to win 100x to 300x bonus until the Monkey King leaves.

Dragon King

1st Dragon Ball2nd Dragon Ball3rd Dragon Ball

When the Dragon King appears on the screen, a Dragon Ball Plate

will appear. The more Dragon Balls are collected, the higher the reward bonus will be. Players can continue to receive the Dragon King reward until he leaves.

Free treasure chest rewards

1. When the player shoots, accumulate the energy value and trigger automatically

when the energy value reaches the maximum Treasure chest reward

2. When the player switches the bet amount, the charge bar is not affected.

3. The winning score is calculated based on the bet amount when the charge bar is full.

Treasure chest reward

After capturing the treasure chest, you will enter a treasure chest reward game. Player has 10 seconds to select the game. Or the fish is shot, there is a chance to trigger Treasure chest reward. Player has a chance selecting from 5. The highest reward is up to 1000x.


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