Fierce Fishing


This exciting fishing game invites you to fierce fishing! Fierce Fishing has powerful cannon weapons that allow players to instantly defeat monsters and get bonuses. This game is also suitable for playing with friends, the more people play together, the more bonuses you can get!



Dragon King Cannon

Get basic 10X and 25 free bullets. Hit the Dragon King Cannon again with the free bullet to accumulate the number of bullets. Collect up to 99 bullets. The free bullets of the Dragon King Cannon will increase the chances to catch any fish. If you killed the fish below 6X, there is a chance to get a random multiplier.

If the game is disconnected or the player leaves the room system, the points will be canceled.

Drill Cannon

Get basic 10x and after launching the cannon, there is a chance to catch fish in the farm.

Play Together Grand Prize

All players hunting the Aqua Emperor Play Together at the fish farm can get the Play Together Grand Prize. There is a chance that the Play Together Grand Prize will be 2x, 5x, 10x, up to 3000x

Map Aqua Emperor

Angry Sea Dragon King 100x~2000x

Each hit has a chance to capture the Aqua Emperor Play Together and win a random huge prize.

Aqua Emperor Play Together

Aqua Emperor Play Together will replace Aqua Emperor and randomly appear in the fish farm.

If a player triggers the play together feature, all players in the farm who play together can get the Play Together Grand Prize.

Hit Prize: 10x-100x

When a bullet hits the Aqua Emperor Play Together, you have

a chance to win up to 100x prize.

Capture prize: 168x~178x

The player who caught the Aqua Emperor Play Together wins 168x prize.

If there were two players in the farm hunting for Aqua Emperor Play Together, the capture prize goes up to 178x.

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