Dinosaur Tycoon


Dinosaur Tycoon stands out among all the fish shooting games. With a unique dinosaur theme and a rich design of bonus, Dinosaur Tycoon immediately became one of the first choices of many casino players. Follow us to explore the Jurassic world!


Dinosaur Tycoon has a rich variety of dinosaurs, such as triceratops, stegosaurus, Tanystropheus, pterodactyl, etc. will appear in the game, the most special of which will also appear with big bonuses for mammoths.

The biggest boss in the game is a golden t-rax. After defeating it, you can get rich bonuses. Players can come and try their luck!


Special Skill – Lightning Strike

Using Electric Cannon deducts 15 times the bet. Select the target and deploy Chain Lightning on the 2-5 dragons nearby.

Special Weapon -Heavy Axe

Using the Heavy Axe deducts 6 times the bet. Click the large dragons on the screen to use more powerful attacks (dragons below 6x cannot be hit).

Flying dragon Wheel

When the player captures a Pterodactyl King, it will trigger the wheel. The player can select when the pointer stops. Multiply the numbers on the outer circle and the inner circle to get the multiplier you will receive, up to a maximum of 500x.

Golden T-Rex

Prize Up to a maximum of 150,000.00 1500x!

1. Shoot the Golden T-Rex for a chance to get the prize multiplier.

2. The energy bar will fill slightly when you get a hit. There is a

chance for the energy bar to hit a Gold Treasure Chest, open the

treasure chest to get the Golden T-Rex prize.

3. Multiply the prize in the treasure chest with the [Prize Multiplier],

up to 1500x prize!



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