Bombing Fishing


Bombing Fishing is an interesting fish shooting game. The difference from other games is that it has a unique weapon system that allows players to defeat more fish species and get more bonuses. Release the torpedoes for powerful attacks and kill the targets with no sweat!


In addition to the basic small fishes, there also have a golden dragon with high bonuses. Players can use the torpedo weapons in the game to defeat him.


Special Fish

Drill bit lobster :

Once shot, the Drill Bullet will penetrate through the fishes and eventually explode. Fishes killed in the process will be summed together as the final multiplier. (If disconnection Occurs, you can get the amount corresponding to your current score, but the game state will not be kept)

Thunder Consecutive & Serial Bomb Crab :

Lightning Chain and killing Super Bomb Crab will trigger area attacks, with a chance to catch fishes within the blast radius.

Immortal Boss

Golden Toad & Lobster King: When the immortal boss appears on the court, the player has the opportunity to win the prize continuously boss leaves.

Bounty Game

When you catch a Bounty Crab, you can roll a die, rolling bonus will trigger the Bounty Game. You have multiple free laser cannon charges in the Bounty Game, catch crabs for huge prizes, reward up to 1200 times. (Joy Hall up to 600 times}

Special Weapon

Use Golden Bomb Deduct the bet times 50 to cause a small scale explosion in the fishing ground, with a chance to kill any type of fish.


Click Torpedo to switch to the torpedo launcher, then click on a large fish on screen to attack, each shot deducts the bet times 10.

Awaken Boss

Killing Ocean Kings has a chance to trigger Power Ups, which gives high multiplier prizes.


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